Mapped network drives: How to create and delete them from Windows and linux

Dear friends in this post I like to explain about the mapped network drives.

Mapped network drive is a computer storage disk or drive same as the c:/ and d:/ drive in our computer. But the network drive is actually exist in an external computer (server computer), and it can be symbolically mappedor make in our computer as one of its own drive like c:/ or d:/. So in this drive we can copy or paste files and folders as same as we do in a actul drive of the computer.

advantages of mapped network drive
  1. A single mapped network drive can create in many computer including windows and linux. So that the files and folders in that drive can access from many computers from different location at the same time.
  2. As the mapped network drive is existed in the external computer, The data on the drive will be safe even though the local computer is down or damage.
  3. By the use of this mapped network drive we can easily increase the drive capacity of  our computers. And this drive can also be used in the mobiles phones with the help of some app.
  4. And it can be also use to share/ transfer big files between a group of users.
how to create mapped network drive in our computer

To add a network drive in our windows computer, just go to the file manager and this PC, where we can see all our drives like C:/, D:/ etc. We can also reach here by clicking the windows icon on the left side bottom corner and search for this pc. After reaching the this pc section , in the top menu click on add network drive and follow the simple steps. Or by right click the this pc window we can see the add a network location option and follow that simple steps. During this steps it will ask for the network location, username and password. This information you can get it from your network drive provider. For the cheapest network drive please mail to We are providing the network drive with 10GB /1$/Month. We are also providing full technical support for this through email. You can send an email for more details.

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