Easy And Tasty Garlic Pickle

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In this post I like to explain you how we can make a very tasty and easy garlic pickle please read my post fully.


Garlic 900 gram

Ginger chopped – 50 gram

Gingelly oil [ nalana ] – 300 ml

Curry leaves – five leaves

Kashmiri Chilli – 5 tablespoon

Yellow powder – 1 teaspoon

Fenugreek powder – 1 teaspoon

Kayam powder [Asafoetida powder] – 1 teaspoon

Salt – As required


Clean  the  garlic  by  removing  the  outer  cover. Cut  each  piece  of  Garlic  into pieces  by  its  middle. Please  take  around  hundred  gram  of  garlic  and  chop them. Then  keep  it  in  a  bowl. Now  clean  the  Ginger  also  chop  and  keep  it  in the  bowl. Then  Keep  a  pan  on  the  stove  and   put  the  gingelly  oil  [ nalana ] and  wait  till  it  boil. Then  put  the  chopped  Ginger  and  garlic  together  in  the pan. And  stir  until  the  garlic  and  Ginger  get  golden  brown  color. Then  we  can  put  the  chilly  powder  yellow  powder  along  with   Kayam   powder [Asafoetida  powder]  in  the  pan  and  mix  well. Now  we  can  put  the  garlic which  we  previously  kept  ready.  And   boil  until   2-3  minutes  without  adding any  water. After  that  switch  off  the  stove. After  sometime  we  can  add  2-3 tablespoon  Vinegar. And  also  add  the  salt  as  required.

Now  our  tasty  garlic  pickle  is  ready!

Garlic pickle


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