Nadan Fish Curry Recipe

Fish curry kerala style

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I am back Again ! with a nice recipe to share with you. It is a yummy! Fish Curry [ Kerala Style ].

please see! the Ingredients below


Fish  – 750 Gram



Curry Leaves

Ginger – 1 Peice

Chilli Powder – 2 Table Spoon

Fenugreek Powder [ Uluva Powder ]

Yellow Powder – Half Teaspoon

Tamarind (valen-puley) -5 Pcs in half glass water.

Water – 1 Glass

Coconut Oil

ginger and garlic
Chilly powder


Wash and keep the fish aside. Then put some oil in a muddy bowl [chatti].              When the oil is hot put mustard, then put garlic, curry leaves and ginger.                After half fry , add chilly powder and yellow powder. Mix all this ingredients together and heat well until mild smell and little smoke. Now we can add the soaked tamarind along with it’s water. Add 1 glass water more and wait until boiled well . Now add the washed fish into the muddy bowl. Shake the muddy bowl in order to spread the gravi all over the fish and add fenugreek powder . Close the muddy bowl with a lid and leave in a low flame upto 30 min. Switch of the flame and spread 1 tablespoon coconut oil and curry leaves over the curry. This will add more test and wil give decoration also to the dish. This is basically naden kerala style fish curry. This is also non as kottayam style fish curry.

Fish curry

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