Nadan Chembu Curry Recipe [Colocasia]

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Welcome Back , Today I Am Going To Share you a Recipe of a tasty Nadan Chembu Curry [Colocasia]

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Colocasia – 7 Psc

Chilly Powder – 1 Teaspoon

Yellow Powder – Half Teaspoon

Curry Leaves – 5 leaves

Red chilly – 3 pcs

Water – As Required

Scraped Coconut

Tumin [ Geragum]

Small Onion

Yogurt (curd)- 1 Cup


colocasia ,chilly powder,
coconut and onion


Clean, cut and Wash  colocasia and put it in a bowl, along with  chilly powder, yellow powder , some curry leaves and  enough water. Place  it over  a stove and allowed  it to boil  by keep it lid closed.  And grind scraped coconut, tumin [geragum]  and small onion. Mix till this becomes smooth paste. After cook the colocasia  put this paste into the bowl and allow it to boil. Then add  yogurt (curd) and mix it . Don’t boil this time just make the curry hot. Now, take another pan  put some oil and keep it on a stove and wait the oil get hot. then put mustard and wait until the mustard flutter and add some curry leaves and  read chilly . You can put red chilly or green chilly. Also fry these things till it gives a pleasant smell. Then put these things into the curry . This will also give good smell and decoration to the curry.

chilly and onion

Chembu curry [ colocasia ]
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