How can we get a free wordpress website


WordPress is a online website development platform. Which can host our posts and webpages. It can keep our files and photo album and much more. There is lot of website and youtube channel are giving detailed tutorial for wordpress. Here I Am writing , how we can own a wordpress website for free of cost.

Procedure to get free WordPress website

The procedure is very simple only. You have to first send an Email to with your email id and Fullname. After receiving your information we will create a virtual server for your wordpress website. After creating the site we will send you the site url. In Order to manage and control your wordpress site, you require a admin control panel. The link of the admin panel will be added in our search engine with your full name. So you can go to home page and click on search option and type your name then you will get the admin login link. The username and password will be send to your mail.

Limitation of this wordpress website.

Thi is basically providing forĀ  wordpress studying purpose. The maximum disk space available for this site will be 1GB. As this option is completely free it cabe suspended after a 24 hour short notice (normally will not happen). If we notice someone using this site for publishing any unlawful things, then site will immediately terminated.

We are also providing 10GB disk space option with a low cost of $10 /year. We will also provide email support to help you make wordpress site. If you need to know more bout Hosting wordpress site please give comments on this post, so that I can give the answer.

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