Handling Data grade-5 NCERT

bar graph

Above figure shows the bar graph. see p-221. The bar graph have the horizontal scale and vertical scale. In this graph the horizontal scale contain the number of the baggage filed. And the vertical scale contain the kinds of the trash bag collected (included in the graph).

Each square of the graph shows the number of baggage collected. We can also find out the number of each kind of the baggage. And can be compare the each kind. And can also find the total baggage in all kind.

circle graph

Circle graph shows the data in different part of the  circle. and the whole part together will form a circle. In this the total number of items/kinds will consider as the whole. And the number of  each item will decide the size of the each part of the circle. In the circle graph the information is in the form of fractional number. The denominator represent the whole part and the numerator represent the number/quantity of that particular item. The below figures shows the data of the energy sources of 24 towns.

Pleases do the try this in the figure. S p-231 for the exercise 15a.

Tally marks

In this method of data handling, one small standing ling is used fr 1, 2 small standing line for 2. And each 5 standing line wile make as a group by cutting the 5 standing line in with a slanting line.  This is called tally mark. See p-224 for  more details. and p-225 for exercise 15b.

line graph

In this data1 will be marked o horizontally ii paragraph paper. And the corresponding  data2 will be in vertically. The bellow graph shows the years in horizontally and the corresponding temp. in vertical in a graph paper.

From this type of chart we can easy under stand the following things.


see p-227,228 foe exercise. 15c. chapter check-up p-229.

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