Uses Of Ubuntu Server In Our Home or Small Business

How to install ubuntu server in our home computer

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In this post  I like to explain the uses of a Ubuntu server in our home. And also I will explain How to install ubuntu server. Before that I like to tell you what is a server . A server can made up with any computer by installing the server software. A server can provide lot of services to  all other  computers or mobile phone and other devices  in our home. as well as it can be access from our outside home. Ubuntu server is a open source free licensed server software from Linux. So everyone can use it freely without violating any privacy policy.

How to install ubuntu server

For a home application we can select any old or new computer to make a Ubuntu home server. The monitor, keyboard, mouse are only required for the installation only. For the normal working of the server only the cpu is enough. Installation is very simple and all the step by step instruction is given in this article , if you have any doubt for setting up the Ubuntu server at any point you can contact me through  our Technology forum. After installing the server as explained in the article we can make the use of the server as in the following ways. You can also see the released version of ubuntu server here

Uses of ubuntu server
  1. File storage: The ubuntu server can use as a files hub for everybody in the home. everyone can use to store their files and access it from any devices connected int the home. It can also be access from outside home. we can also upload our huge number valid document to it. And can be very easily accessed by search with in seconds. And this type of data can be save permanently and cannot be deleted, so it will be available in our whole life. As people are accessing the server through browsers for there file, they cannot make any damage to the server so it will run long time without any error.
  2. Samba file sharing: By this we can make common folders in the server. And that folder can access from any device in our home, as one of the folder in that device itself.
  3. Office management: By  use of this server we can manage our office functionality like accounts, Invoice, customer , supplier register and much more as required. Please see the demo software for our hardware shop.

These are some of the uses only we can also make use of lot of things like Email Server,webserver, database server, CCTV camera system, intercom IP phone network and much much more.

How to put the server in functionality
How to install ubuntu
How to install ubuntu

After completing the installation  as mentioned inthe how to install ubuntu server ,  wecan log in to the server by giving the username and password. Then the server will show the command prompt in the screen. Please remember to connect the internet or in the home network from the beginning of installation and keep it always. Now we can run the below command in the cond line.


It will show your network card along with it mac address and connected IP address, please note them in a paper. Remember that, the IP address may change time to time. This is because the server, other computers in the home network is connected to the home router. This router have a dynamic DHCP server and it will change the  IP address to the connected devices time to time. Please make the server IP address static in the router so the Ip address will be same always. Now you can access your new server from any connected device in your home network. For that we have to type the ip address of the server in the browser. So it will display the default webpage in the server.

Please we remember to ask any doubt at any time through the forum above mentioned.

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