PLC Programming training tutorial

Hi friends in this page I like to share my knowledge of PLC programming as a training tutorial.


See video

PLC stands for Programmable Logical Controller. It means it is a controller. And it can control electrical devices like motor, light fan etc. are connected to its output. It will control the output as per the logic given in side this. and the logic can also be change through our program. So we have to study, how the logical program can be made for the PLC. The PLC is working by scanning the all it inputs  and update the output according to the logical program given in this. In order to make and update the logical program to PLC we need the following things.

  1. PC Software for the PLC.
  2. Connecting cable between PC and PLC.
  3. Well knowledge about all the virtual electrical component and all other functions inside the software.
  4.  Knowledge about Ladder / FBD programming of the PLC
  5. A PLC  as per our requirement.

In our market lot of the different companies are making the PLC and each of them have various model also. Unfortunately the above 5 requirement is varying for each model. So in this tutorial we are giving the training of the zelio PLC from Schneider Electrical. This is one of the basic small range PLC. After completing this training you can program, troubleshoot and commissioning this PLC.

pc software for plc

As we explained above the PC software is required to make and upload the logical program for this PLC. This PLC PC software is free and it is available at schneider electrical site. From there we can download  ZelioSoft2 V5.0 . And this version is a stable one and I checked windows 8 0S. So please download the zip file and extract it and install in your computer. Details of installation of this can see in the video.