How can install and configure the virtualmin in centos 7

Pre requirement

In Order to install virtualmin (free control panel for serves), we need a fresh installed copy of centos7 in our server or vps. And we should also need the log in data like remote IP address of the server, username and password. Using a putty client and this login data we can get in the commandline of our server.

Installation of virtualmin

Run the following command to download virtualmin


if we get command is note working then run below command

sudo yum install wget

Run the following command to install virtualmin

sudo /bin/sh

After run the command waits for some time to complete the installation.

Post-Installation Wizard

The post installation wizard will automatically start as soon as we access the virtualmin first time. In order to access the virtualmin we have to type the server IP address a :10000 (10000 is the default port number of webmin/virtualmin) In any web browser. Use the username as root and its password as password. Then we can select the option as per our need. Almost all default option is normally enough. After complete this recheck configuration option will come and we can run that.

Adding new virtual server and hosting a domain name

In order to host a domain name we have to create a new virtual server in the virtualmin. To do this we have to  type the server IP address:10000 (10000 is the default port number of webmin/virtualmin) In any web browser. Use the username as root and its password as password. Then go to the virtualmin tab in the left side top. Then click on New virtual server. Then enter the working domain name, description and admin password then click on create server tab on the bottom. That’s it.. finish. But remember that the new domain is still not available in public browser. For avail the site for public we have to point the domain name to this new server IP. And we have to wait some hours to propagate the IP to all DNS servers. The virtualmin control panel have its own DNS server and it will automatically create the DNS record for the new domain. Because of this we can check our site is working immediately by changing our browser computer default DNS address to our server IP Address. If you need more details on this, please comment on this post.

Adding Xfce Desktop to centos 7

Xfc desktop is used to make our sever with desktop experimenter. After installing this we can access our server ion desktop environment through any VNC server. The VNC server address ,username and password can we get from our server provider. To install XFC please follow the below link.

Install Xfce 4 Desktop Environment on CentOS 7

Impotent notes

As Soon as we create the virtual server, all the necessary folders and file will create in the home directory of the root folder system. All the document will be in a folder name same as our domain name. Now Please take care to not change the folder name or, ownership or file permission. If do so the vertul server will stop working.

How to transfer a word press database to new server

If we need to transfer a word press site to new server we have to first transfer the word press root folder (all folder, sub folder and all files.). Then we have to  also transfer the word press database to the new server.

During the transfer of the word press  database utf8mb4_unicode_ci

error can be come and this can rectify with following step.

  1. Open the sql file in your text editor (database backup file)
  2. Find and replace all utf8mb4_unicode_ci with utf8mb4_unicode_ci . We can do this with ms word application.

We can also replace the followings

  1. Open your .sql file with Notepad or Notepad ++
  2. Find MyISAM and Replace all (around 87) with MyISAM
  3. Save and now you can import your database without error.

Email Addressee and its hosting by vertualmin

Vertulmin will also provide email hosting and its control foe each virtual server and all of its domain. The webmin and vertulmin control panel will automatically installed the post fix, IMAP, POP-3 email servers. It it is ready to use with any e-mail client like outlook, thunder-world, and mobile email clients. By using the email id and password. Please also not that the incoming and outgoing mail server will be But now a days all the major email providers are using very power full spam controllers, so there is a chance to reach our mail to spam folders, as our server is very new.  Alternatively we can use any SMTP relay mail server services to overcome this difficulty. Then we can provide the outgoing mail server details as per the SMTP provider, in the email clients.

Using round cube as a web mail service

We can also install round cube installation script in all or virtual server created by vertulmin, using install script option. The we can use this as a web interface for sending and receive the emails. If we need the sending email shout go with relay SMTP server we can change the sending server details in file. This file is located in the


This is the summarized details of the virtualmin server installations and general settings. If any one require more details or any clarification, Can ask through the comments. I am ready to help you.

Third party mail configuration in wordpress

If we are using wordpress, we can install the plugin wp mail smtp which will allow to configure the third party smtp in there settings. And we can also use this smtp for sending email from anywhere from the server by using wp_mail function. But we have to call wp configuration  before use it as shown below.


echo getcwd() . "\n";
require( 'wp-load.php' );

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SSH Server uses, installation and settings


SSH server is used to communicate with the server remotely or from the computer itself. The ssh server is installed by default in Ubuntu systems. And and this server is communicating by port 21 and 22. This can be use to run command line instructions. So  basically all the operations of the server can be done through this. By default the root user can be log in through this server by using its password. Also all the Linux user can be accessed this by default.

Making setting of ssh server through webmin

Webmin is a control panel for the the Linux server. So  after installing this webmin control panel, we can use it for making various settings of the server very easily. We can access this webmin control panel by typing the server IP address : 10000 in the browser 10000 is the default port for webmin.Webmin can also access by the user root.

After open the webmin control panel  search for SSH server. This module can normally found under the server  option or in the The unused modulus options. By clicking the ssh server, we can access lot of settings of the server.

ssh access control

By clicking access control we can set the allowed users or group here very easily. Same way we can also set the deny user and group also here. Without using the webmin module we can also add the allowed user and group by editing  or add the following lines in etc/ssh/sshd-config

#AllowGroups root
AllowUsers root

This setting is very useful. Because there will be many linux users for different applications. but by using this setting we can deny all of them for the ssh access.

Also remember the changes will take only after execute the apply changes or restart the server.

Mapped network drives: How to create and delete them from Windows and linux

Dear friends in this post I like to explain about the mapped network drives.

Mapped network drive is a computer storage disk or drive same as the c:/ and d:/ drive in our computer. But the network drive is actually exist in an external computer (server computer), and it can be symbolically mappedor make in our computer as one of its own drive like c:/ or d:/. So in this drive we can copy or paste files and folders as same as we do in a actul drive of the computer.

advantages of mapped network drive
  1. A single mapped network drive can create in many computer including windows and linux. So that the files and folders in that drive can access from many computers from different location at the same time.
  2. As the mapped network drive is existed in the external computer, The data on the drive will be safe even though the local computer is down or damage.
  3. By the use of this mapped network drive we can easily increase the drive capacity of  our computers. And this drive can also be used in the mobiles phones with the help of some app.
  4. And it can be also use to share/ transfer big files between a group of users.
how to create mapped network drive in our computer

To add a network drive in our windows computer, just go to the file manager and this PC, where we can see all our drives like C:/, D:/ etc. We can also reach here by clicking the windows icon on the left side bottom corner and search for this pc. After reaching the this pc section , in the top menu click on add network drive and follow the simple steps. Or by right click the this pc window we can see the add a network location option and follow that simple steps. During this steps it will ask for the network location, username and password. This information you can get it from your network drive provider. For the cheapest network drive please mail to We are providing the network drive with 10GB /1$/Month. We are also providing full technical support for this through email. You can send an email for more details.

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Jomon Oonnittan