We will do email marketing
We can send bulk emails to advertise your busines
•First you have to provide the list of email ids.
•Select the  email Template from the below formats and send your content to us for your email.
•Give your subject for the campaign.
•Give your sender email id.
•We will send the verification email to you. Verify your sender id by click that mail.
•Make the payment for
$15/10,000 emails through PayPal (My fiverr account) https://www.fiverr.com/jomonoonnittan/do-email-marketing-by-sending-bulk-emails
•That is it we will start to send the email.

Important notes
•The bounce rate of your Email id list should be below 4%.
We will send emails as bunch of 500 and monitor the bounce id %. If it exceed more than 4% all together, Then we will send again the previous delivered mail on next day. This will make the bounce rate down.

We will also send the report of the campaign after finish it. Our report included the list of delivered, bounce and complaint email ids with time stamp.
Email templates
Email Template ID -01

•First row is the text.  We can change the text with your content. font colour and font size can be change .

•Second row is the image. We can change with your image.

•Third row is also a text. We can change the text with yours.

•We can also add this type of more row as per your requirement.
Please contact me for place the order and more details at

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