How to make bootable USB / CD of operating systems

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This article will explane the step by step instuction of making bootable disk for operating systems (linex Ubuntu 16.4.1 LT)

1. Search the key word "ubuntu iso image 32 bit" in the search engine. And download the file
ubuntu iso image 32 bit.

2. Search the key word " rsfu bootable cd maker" in the search engine and down load the file
rsfus bootable cd maker.

3. Now in your windows computer click the file rufus.exe file which you down load in the step no.2.

4. User account dialog box will appear and ask " do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer.

select yes

5.Rufus 2.9.934 will open as shown in below fig.(if ask for any update please close).
6.connect the usb drive to the computer to make a bootable usb (4 gb recomented).

7. Select the usb device in the device box.

8. In partion scheme and target system type select MBR patitions scheme for bios or UEFI.

9. In the file system box select FAT32.

10. In clester size box select default.

11. In new label volume box write any name you like.

12. Under format option tick the check box for the following.

           1. quick format

            2. create boo-table disk using

            3. create extended label and icons.

13. Now select drop down box near CD tray icon and select ISO image

14. Now click on CD tray icon to select the ISO image file you down load in the step 1.

15. Click the start button and it will ask for down load require click yes.

16. Then the window  we can see ISO hybrid image detected ,select the radio button "write in iso image (recommend) and click ok.

17. All data on device will be deleted click ok.  and wait for approx. 45 min.

18. after finish the job all shadow option will shown in bold letters and now you can close the window and remove the  boo-table USB.

By this same method we can make bootable disk of windows iso image also.

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