Installing ubuntu desktop in your computer

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In this article we will explain how we can upgrade the ubuntu server 16.04 to ubuntu desktop version.

If you don't have the ubuntu server 16.04 is not installed in your computer please see this article to install the ubuntu 16.04.

Please follow the below mentioned each step to upgrade the machine to desktop version.

1.Connect the internet connection , reboot the pre installed ubuntu server 16.04. And enter your
root user name and password to log in to the command prompt. (while typing the password no
character will show there)

2. type in the command prompt, sudo apt-get update this command will fetch all the available list of update from the internet.

3. then type sudo apt-get upgrade this command will strictly install all the current available packages as per the above fetched list.

4.Now it will ask " after this operation 119MB of addition disk space will be used". type y and enter.

5.type sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (it will check and install new ugrade only).

6. it may ask for the password, enter the password then it will ask "do you want continue" , type y and enter.

7. type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, it will ask for "do you want to continue", type y and enter. it may take more than 30 min. asper the speed of the system.

8. after finish the installation you can see the command prompt with blinking cursor.

9 Now press the power button of the computer to shutdown and press again for boot up after shutdown.

10 Now the  computer will boot up with black screen and run the scripts and finally show the desk top with asking user name and password as shown bellow fig.

11. enter the user name and password and enjoy the Ubuntu desktop 16.04.

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