How to install Linux Ubuntu 16.04

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This article will ex plane the step by step procedure to install Linux Ubuntu server (Desktop) 16.04.1.

1. Please make the boo-table  USB as mentioned
in this article.

2. Connect the boo table USB to the computer in which you want to install the Linux Ubuntu 16.04.01 server,  after switch off (shutdown) the computer.

3. Switch on the computer and press the function key(F1/F2/F9) in order to get in the boot device selection. And select the USB device and enter.

4. Select language English and  press enter.

5. select the option by using the up down arrow to "Install Ubuntu server".

6. Select a language, select English by up down arrow and press enter.

7. Select your language United states by up down arrow and enter.

8. Configure the key board layout selection select by using direction keys to " NO".

9. Configure the keyboard selection by up down arrow to "English US".

10. Key board layout select "English US" by up down arrow.

11. Detecting Hardware please wait.................

12. Configure the network Host type "Ubuntu", you can also type tis name as you require. And select continue and press enter.

13. Setting up the user and password.
Full name for new user "your Name". And select continue by direction arrow and hit enter.

14. User name for your account "Your Name". And select continue by direction arrow and hit enter.

15. Chose a new password for new user "XXXXXXXX" and hit enter.

16. Re enter password to verify "xxxxxxxx" and hit enter.

17. Encrypt your Home directory? select NO and hit enter.

18. Setting your clock. please wait...... it will display your time zone and ask is this tme zone is correct? select yes and hit enter.

19. Detecting disks and all other hardware. please wait.....

20. Now we will enter the Partition disk, for Partition the disk please see this article.

30. After finishing the disk Partition (after wring the changes to the disk), System will start the installation.

31. HTTP proxy information keep this field blank and  select continue by direction keys and hit enter.

32. How do you want manage updates. Select no automatic update and hit enter.

33. chose software to install by up down arrow and space-bar (space-bar can use foe select and un select). select all of them and hit continue.

34. New password for the MYy SQL root user "xxxxxx" and hit enter

35. repeat password for root My SQL root user  "xxxxx""  and hit enter.

36. General type of mail configuration select "no configuration" and hit enter.

37. Install the Grub boot loader to the master boot record select "Yes" and hit enter.

38. Select /dev/sda ( sat.... drive company name) and hit enter.

39. Finishing the installation. ..... Installation complete remove the boo-table USB and hit continue..

40. Now the system will boot from new installation of Ubuntu 16.04.1.. and it can be use as a server in command line mode.

41. Please see this article to upgrade this server to desktop version.

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