Hard disk data retriving, disk to disk copy using AOMEI practioner software

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By this method we can get windows installation, all installed software and all data... enjoy....

Dear friends now I like to share some hands on experience to retrieve the data from a hard disk.

I like to explain the full story of hard disk failure and how I overcome the situation the situation .

I am working as a PLC programmer, Last week my computer start to showing some windows warring error saying your hard disk is have some problem and please make a back up of your data before doing any further more usage of the computer. And this error is popping up very frequently. But I dint give much attention on it. But latter 3 or 4 days computer start to hang and some time its not booting up and directly going to the blue screen death. that time I under stood the above reported problem is not negligible and my HDD is going to be die. So now I start to work for saving my HDD. Actually if any HDD of any of my computer goes wrong I have no problem for the data loss , because i all ready stored all my data in my home server in systematic manner. But in this case this is my PLC programming laptop and it have some licensed software and they all have one time licence , so once I drive fail all that costly software will loose and have to again spend money over that.

after searching lot of the site videos I get the information regarding AOMEI back upper software. I go through that software with lot of different tolls and I clone all of HDD to new HDD and then I try to boot the laptop with new HDD but it was not working well.

After that I got one new software named "AOMEI practitioner" SOFTWARE.

and I installed that soft ware in one of my computer and connect old and new HDD through USB port with case converter. Then directly use the disk copy wizard , then select the sector by sector copy. actually this method copy all the one TB from old drive to new one whether there is data or not. so that now the new drive is exactly same as the old one by bt by bit. but please not that this operation will take a long time. I took around t 30 hours to copy all my 1TbB old disk to new one. After that I connect the new drive to the PC directly and start, God Grace my lap is booted from the new drive.

and all of my data programs, setting and each and every thing same to same as earlier by bit by bit.

So I hope this article is helpful for you.

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Thank you.

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