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In  this article we like to ex plane the extensive use of Google map  as a route navigator.

As we know in the market lot of navigation application are available, some of them are free also. How ever I am also using one paid App for the navigation from last 5 years. But now I feel the Google map is good, only because everyone is sharing the location by whatsApp  and that is nothing but the Google map.once we receive the location from someone in whatsApp , then it is difficult and time consuming process to get the coordinate from that and put it in our using App and go. Inst-ed of we can directly use the Google map itself. In order to use the Google map I explore the option of the Google map and found some useful thing and that I want to share through this article.

The first point I found that the Google map can be use in off line also.

1. in order to use Google map we have to install the Google map in our phone . Now a days all android phone is per-installed the Google map as system application.

2. another think we need a Google account with g mail id.

3. Now we can open any location some one send to you in whatsApp, or you can send your location to some one through whatsApp and you can open that location from your whatsApp.

To sending location from whatsApp open a text chat window with your friend and click the attachment icon then you can see the location icon, click on that, then you can see some options for selecting the locations,  click any option then the corresponding location will send to your friend.

4. After opening location map from whatsApp  map will open that location in Google map as shown in the figure bellow.
5.Now you can click the MORE INFO button in the screen. Then press the save button ,then press to the favorites button. now the location is saved in your Google account.

Pleas also note that if the above location have a name it will save under that name in favorites items. other wise  the name will be UN-named location.

6. Now we can click the setting menu in the left side top of the screen. if menu is not seeing please touch any where in the screen, then it will come. In the setting menu go to the first option " your places", then go to the saved option and then go to favorites there we can see the saved place in the above step. click that place then it will open and can be see the option label, click on the label and you can change the pace label as you required. After that we can see the place under the labeled option in  "your places" of the setting menu.

7. for navigation click any saved place then go to directions and start for navigation. If we need to use offline navigation, please goto the setting menu and click the off-line map, click select your own map. Adjust the map area inside the box where you need to use navigate and down load it. We can also Update this map once in two weeks by clicking the saved off-line map. If we did't update the map with in two weeks, then the off-line map will automaticaly get expired Like this we can add any number of place through whatsapp.

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